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    CM punk to debut at UFC 203!

    The wait is finally over!

    At UFC 203 on September 10, former WWE champion CM Punk will at long last make his professional debut as a mixed martial artist. Facing the 2-0 Mickey Gall in a welterweight contest on the main card, Punk will look to overcome incredible odds by being a fighter with zero experience jumping right into the big leagues.

    This isn't Michael Jordan playing baseball or Brock Lesnar making the jump - they had some background when they tackled a second profession. No, this is more or less a fan walking in off the street wanting to play in the big leagues. Not just any fan though - one who already has a rabid fan base of his own, who brings eyeballs and media attention with him. So of course, Dana White and the UFC took the bait and signed Punk.

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    let me go google this rookie see how heavy* he is

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    CM punk to debut at UFC 203

    I dont see any reason why Gall doesnt steamroll Punk. A late 30 year old man who said his body was ruined and only had some hobbyist martial arts experience fighting because he hypocritically used his name value to get into the UFC after bitching about similar. Theres nothing that makes me take Punk serious. No background, no experience, too old for combat sports.

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    Hei is not a bad signing, but too old if you ask me.



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