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    beware of hiongka player

    Melvin ng boon zhong

    05/05/1999 -dob

    blk 524 amh ave 5 #05-4156 , s(560524)


    parents ic number: S7822787g / s7205039h

    ip add:

    run me $300 only. Be careful if this guy ask for credit account. Surely will run your money if lose.

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    Mar 2016


    **********GREAT NEWs*******

    -REFER A FRIEND & GET REWARDED & moreeeeee - starting on this coming Saturday 12/08/17- Same Day as all EPL Loverssssss

    1) Every points = SGD $1 CREDIT

    2) Individual who join Tipster Competition starting from 23th gets = SGD $2 CREDIT
    a) Refer a Friend join Tipster Competition gets = SGD $3 CREDIT
    *We will conduct check on nick and login ip to prevent same user with different nicks.
    b) Winner of Tipster Competition gets additional = SGD $5 CREDIT

    3) Individual who do a posting of eg. Sponsor review & others gets = SGD $1 CREDIT
    *Post minimum 25 words & above.

    4) Points can only be redeemed minimum 50pts & above.
    *All points are counted using as Reputation point in the forum.
    The point can only exchange to CREDIT to our Forum Sponsor.

    igoalforum.com tipster competition



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